About Debbie

After positively impacting the wellness of many clients and customers, Debbie Buddle is passionate about educating and empowering people to experience optimal health, through manageable dietary and lifestyle choices.

A dedicated advocate for raw foods, juicing and healthy eating, Debbie has undertaken extensive training internationally – including courses in Australia, the UK and the USA and is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef and Juice Therapist.   She has also completed three years in Naturopathy.  Debbie’s commitment to a clean, plant-based diet developed after she successfully eradicated her own illness and poor health issues.  Debbie continues to achieve similar results through her consulting practice and workshops.

For many years Debbie has facilitated raw food workshops and seminars.  Debbie has also established a ground-breaking café and her own range of RAW HQ vegan foods which are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars, loaded with enzymes and nutrients to support the body. She is currently working on a recipe book which will be available worldwide and continues to increase her knowledge through study.

Debbie has experienced and overcome many challenges in her life, including Domestic Violence.  She is a proud mother, grandmother and successful entrepreneur, whose resilience and compassion is inspirational and immediately obvious to those she meets and advises. With informed food choices, a healthy body and motivation, Debbie believes that anybody’s life can become more energised and positive.

Please email debbie@rawhq.co.nz if you would like to book a consultation or book a consultation here!!