The Healthy Approach


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Clinical Nutritionist – Juice Therapist – Raw Food Chef – Holistic Cancer Coach – Naturopathy (3 years)


Debbie will tailor this two hour session to best meet your needs, depending on what you would like to learn.  She will practically show you how to prepare nutritious healthy foods and how to make better food choices.  You may want to learn

  • how to choose better quality foods
  • how to change standard recipes to gluten free and vegan
  • how to juice
  • how to make nut milks or milk alternatives
  • how to prepare nutritious meals for the family
  • how to transition from a standard diet to a vegan diet
  • how to make healthy salads and dressings
  • a personalised detox plan
  • and more – just ask

Recently she has completed an Holistic Cancer Coaching certification and has worked with many different stages of cancer. Debbie works alongside other practitioners to provide the support and knowledge required, depending on personal situations.

Debbie has a unique approach and does not believe in dieting. She will teach you how to adopt a healthy eating plan that is beneficial to staying healthy. She can even show you through her many workshops how to create wonderful, healthful meals that maybe vegetarian, raw, gluten free, dairy free and vegan depending on your needs.

A completed food diary is a prerequisite to every consultation.