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This workshop is for anyone who has cancer, who may know someone that has cancer or those wanting to reduce their risk of getting cancer.  Debbie and Glenda deliver a powerful whole food nutrition and mindfulness meditation based workshop.

Throughout human history, food has been used for health and healing.   “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”.  Debbie shares her experiences and training on the healing power of foods and shares other options that are available to allow informed decisions when choosing your healing journey.  A combination of knowledge sharing and practical demonstrations.

This workshop is held in Debbie’s home and is informative, discussing options and teaching you  how to create healthful meals and juices with practical mindfulness and meditation practices.

FACILITATOR: Debbie Buddle
Clinical Nutritionist – Juice Therapist – Raw Food Chef – Holistic Cancer Coach – Naturopathy (3 years)

After positively impacting the wellness of many clients and customers, Debbie Buddle is passionate about educating and empowering people to experience optimal health through manageable dietary and lifestyle choices.  Debbie is a dedicated advocate for raw foods, juicing and healthy eating and has undertaken extensive training internationally – including courses in Australia, the UK and the USA  and is a qualified Clinical Nutritionist, Raw Food Chef and Juice Therapist.   Debbie’s commitment to a clean, plant-based diet developed after she successfully eradicated her own illness and poor health issues.  Debbie continues to achieve similar results through her consulting practice and workshops.

For many years Debbie has facilitated raw food workshops and seminars.  Debbie has also established a ground-breaking café and her own range of RAW HQ foods which are free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars, and loaded with enzymes and nutrients to support the body. She is currently working on a recipe book which will be available worldwide.

Debbie has experienced and overcome many challenges in her life, including Domestic Violence.  She is a proud mother, grandmother and successful entrepreneur, whose resilience and compassion is inspirational and immediately obvious to those she meets and advises. With informed food choices, a healthy body and motivation, Debbie believes that anybody’s life can become more energised and positive.

Mindfulness Therapist

Glenda Irwin is acknowledged as having taught thousands of people mindfulness practices.

Trained both here in New Zealand and internationally (Australia, UK and USA) Glenda is the senior facilitator of New Zealand’s most prolific mindfulness course; she is the supervisor of others delivering courses and is the author of the Level 2.0 further workshops for this immensely effective model of mindfulness tuition.  As a therapist Glenda has helped parents, children, CEOs and athletes… make the transition from ‘expectation’ to ‘acceptance’ and in so, helped them blossom and reach new heights in their potential and joy for life.

Mindfulness practices use the present moment as a focus.

Participants in Glenda’s workshops and consultancy experience the profundity of their attention to this practice of ‘awareness’ but better than that – the actual act of drawing inward is a science based healing experience.  The practice is not just a source of relief – ultimately, it is part of the healing.

Literally hundreds of individuals have made written testament to the efficacy of using mindfulness under Glenda’s guidance:

‘I only wish I had found teachings such as Glenda offers when I was younger.  The gift of this work has meant I have lost my fear via my own attention and awareness.  No bottle (pills or wine) could better the blessings of what Glenda has taught me.’  Shelley Compton, Christchurch, NZ.

Glenda spoke of her experiences whilst teaching, during an interview with Auckland’s Herald Newspaper in 2014:

‘I have been privileged to accompany people through the myriad of life struggles: physical and mental wellbeing, parenting, work/life balance, eating issues, sleeplessness…  To watch an individual discover joy, despite the hardship they are working through, is glorious. But to know that the healing is happening by the very process of awareness; thats nothing short of humbling and ultimately, for me, an immense comfort.   I could not teach mindfulness as I do, without having experienced these types of transformations myself…’

Glenda’s facilitation during ‘Cancer the Natural Way’ will focus on eating, sleeping and pain based mindful attention.  There will be meditations specific to participants needs and daily interventions that attendees will find immensely valuable during their journey towards peace and wellbeing.  Visit and to read more about Glenda and her teaching commitments.


VENUE: Howick, Auckland
DURATION: 9am – 3.30pm

COST: Full day workshop $299



Thank you for Saturdays workshop on Cancer the Natural Approach. Your combined experience and passion is inspiring and brings awareness to how we can allow and aid our body in the process of healing. The food, as always very interesting, colourful and made with love
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