Candida – Is it affecting your health?


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In this workshop Debbie will share with you her four step plan to bring your body back to balance that will kill off the candida, remove it from the body, replace the good bacteria and build the immune system.

Candida Albians is a single celled fungus that is always present in the genital and intestinal tracts.  If present in disproportionate quanties, it can cause infection.  Because Candida can affect various parts of the body – the most common being the mouth, ears, nose, toenails, fingernails, gastrointestinal trat and vagina, it can be charaterised by a wide variety of symptoms and is generally the underlying issue in many metabolic health issues.  Symptoms can include:

constipation | diarrhea | colitis | abdominal pain | headaches | bad breath | rectal itching | low libido | memory loss | mood swings | prostatis | persistent heartburn | muscle and joint pain | sore throat | congestion | nagging cough | tingling sensations | numbness in the face or extremities | acne | night sweats | severe itching | PMS | burning tongue | clogged sinusese | white patches on tongue and in mouth | extreme fatigue | kidney and bladder infections | arthritis | thrush | depression | hyperactivity | hypothryroidism | adrenal problems and even diabetes.

Symptoms often worsen in damp or mouldy places and after consumption of foods containing sugar or yeast.  Because of the varied symptoms, this disorder is often misdiagnosed.  Systemic Candida is an overgrowth of candida everywhere, throughout the body.  Very often people with Candida often have food allergies.

Yeasts, including Candida feed on sugar.  If the body’s pH balance is upset for any reason, the friendly bacteria that normally metabolise sugars cannot thrive and do their job properly and therefore there is a risk that Candida will flourish in this sugary environment.

You will also be given a Candida test and a Candida questionaire to complete.  Debbie will then assess results and tailor the workshop to the needs of the participants.

Debbie will also create for you a healthful meal plan and show you how to create at home.

TIME: 3 Hours

COST: $149



Debbie’s Candida Diet and Meal Plan


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