Juice Your Way To Health


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This is a great workshop to learn about the amazing benefits of juicing and what to juice to optimise your health and well-being.

Debbie is a Clinical Nutritionist and Holistic Cancer Educator who has been juicing for over 25 years and she drinks cold press juices daily. Juicing the right fruits and vegetables are highly alkaline forming and she believes is an integral part in immune building and health maintenance.

In this workshop, Debbie will demonstrate and teach:

  • How to make nutritious juices.
  • Why everyone needs to juice daily.
  • Juices versus smoothies – whats the difference.
  • How to choose the right juicer and the different juicer models.
  • What to juice and why.
  • Juicing as a medicine, for weight loss, health and well-being.
  • The power of wheatgrass – natures finest medicine.
  • How to detox effectively.
  • How to create a juicing plan.

Tasting is compulsory and recipes are provided.

FACILITATOR: Debbie Buddle
Clinical Nutritionist – Juice Therapist – Raw Food Chef – Holistic Cancer Coach – Naturopathy (3 years)

VENUE: Debbie’s Personal Kitchen based in Howick